Journey to Down Under – 7. Stage Hervey Bay

I remember exactly how the drive from Noosa to Hervey Bay took forever and seemed to be never-ending. Late in the afternoon we finally arrived in the center of Hervey Bay. Although I wouldn’t exactly call it the center. The bus station was just next to a huge mall. First we walked to our camping site and settled in. Then we made our way to the center.  There we already encountered the first problem: Hervey Bay has no real center, but consists of several small villages with three to four shops. Our village was called Scarness and offered nothing to tourists. There were just two restaurants, a bar and a liquor shop. Already on the first day I was completely disappointed by this place.

The Centre

The second day started really shitty and it didn’t get any better. It rained in streams and Sureya had the great idea to cycle to Urangan (5km from Scarness). On the way we got soaked and the bike path was just along the road and in very bad condition. When we arrived there I was really pissed off with Sureya because I was soaked and we couldn’t return because we had something very special planned for the day.

Sureya had reserved a whale watching tour for me for the anniversary of our relationship. You have to know that Hervey Bay is well-known for two things: Firstly for being a harbour for ships to Fraser Island and secondly for the whale watching tours. So we sat down completely soaked and in a really bad mood in the small boat and drove towards the ocean. I was so angry and it was so cold, but my mood changed very quickly when we saw the first Whales after an hour of sailing. I was just flashed in that moment when we saw these beautiful creatures. I completely forgot my anger. This moment was so extraordinary and it was simply beautiful to look at as the whales playing with the waves. Very cool about our tour was that we had a marine biologist on board who could tell us a lot about the humpback whales. Completely satisfied we returned to the harbour after several hours and Sureya invited me for a hot drink and a cheesecake. Finally this day became a highlight of my trip, although it had started so badly.

Humpback Whale

The next day we had another beach day. We lazed on the beach the whole day and enjoyed the warm sunbeams. In the late afternoon we went to the beach bar for the Happy Hour. There I drank an Espresso Martini for the first time. Very special but really good.

The third day started with sport. We went jogging on the beach promenade, bathed in the sea and for lunch we had a barbecue at a public grill on the beach. In the afternoon we built a huge sand castle and played in the water. In the evening we went to the Liquor Shop and bought several ciders and a Bundaberg rum. You must know that the locality Bundaberg is in the proximity and the Bundaberg Rum is well-known. We drank the alcohol then on a pier in the moonlight and listened to the waves how they broke in the surf.

The Beach

On the last day we went first to the beach bar for breakfast and there we ate a super delicious “Big Brekkie”. Afterwards we went by bike to Urangan to explore the biggest village. I would call Urangan the center of Hervey Bay. Urangan offers much more than Scarness and is really pretty. And did you know that Urangan has the longest pier (886m) in Australia? Afterwards we visited the market of Urangan. Small and very cute. At the end we went to the botanical garden and ate our lunch on a meadow and enjoyed the nature. Finally we went back to the beach bar, enjoyed the sunset with a milkshake and were happy to finally leave Hervey Bay behind us.


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