Personal impressions of Noosa

In this article I tell you about my experiences in Noosa. If you haven’t read the introductory article about Noosa yet, I’ll link it here: Journey to Down Under – 6. stage Noosa. In the following I will tell you what I particularly liked  about Noosa and what I recommend as a “must do”.

I found Noosa as a city very quiet and cozy. The atmosphere reminded me somehow strongly of an American suburb. There were a lot of pensioners and families and I think most of the people are Australians on vacation because there were a lot of holiday villas and not really much going on. Nevertheless, I found Noosa very cool and would go there a second time.

My first “must do” in Noosa is kayaking on the Noosariver. Even though I was strong against it in the beginning, in the end I was very happy that we did it and can stongly recommend it. But you should be a bit fit because kayaking against the current can be quite exhausting. I found it very exciting that we could kayak through Noosa and explore the city through its canals. The trip itself was very varied, first we drove through mangrove forests and then as mentioned above through Noosa and finally we had to wind our way through the sandbanks.


My second “must do” is the Coastal Walk of Noosa. Like in Port Macquarie you walk from beach to beach. But the way is much better for walkingand there are different paths to walk. Sureya and I decided to take the blue path, which took several hours. In total there are five hiking trails (see map). On the way you will come to different viewpoints from where you can take very good pictures or just enjoy the view. I personally liked the Hell’s Gate viewpoint the most. The view from up there is simply breathtaking.

Alexandria Bay

We even saw a sea turtle swimming in the sea and we also saw an echidna, a kind of hedgehog that you rarely see there. The beaches there were just like the pictures you see on Instagram, so we swam in the different bays to cool ourselves, because it was already very warm in Noosa. For safety reasons I have to mention that swimming on the beaches is not recommended as there are strong crack currents. But as you may have noticed, I don’t take every warning too seriously. Nevertheless I am always aware of the danger and am very carefull! I recommend that you only swim where it is really safe.

Noosa National Park Map

The next “Must do” is to watch the sunset over Noosa. In Noosa we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life. The red sky over the Noosa River was just fabulous. I took some photos of the sunset, but no photo can show the true beauty of this unique moment. I advise you to consume some alcohol and just enjoy the moment. The peace, the atmosphere, the moment just WOW!

Forget the photo, look at it in real life!

So now I come to the points in Noosa which I didn’t like too much. First I have to mention the Main Beach. The beach was nothing special and completely crowded. The water was also not so clean and therefore I only put my feet into the sea. I recommend to go to another beach. Hastings Street, the main street of Noosa Heads, didn’t really convinced me either. There was nothing special there. Now to the last negative point. The Thai restaurant I was talking about in the article Journey to Down Under – 6. Stage Noosa. I’m writing about it because I don’t want you to make the same mistake as me and eat there. I really didn’t like the food and I just think it’s embarrassing and scandalous that neither the waitress nor the cook could tell me what kind of fish was used in the fish curry. The name is: Krung Thep Thai Restaurant. There are so many different restaurants in Noosa, so you will surely find a better alternative.

If we have had more time, I would have liked to spend half a day at the Eumundi Markets. Apparently this market is supposed to be very special and unique. But actually I think the two days in Noosa were just enough.

Have a look at the picture gallery of Noosa. There you can see the photos of Echidna, the sea turtle or the Coastal Walk. If you liked the article, give it a Like. Even better you follow my blog, so you can be the first one to know when a new article is published. In that sense: stay tuned!


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