About me

My name is Leandro and I am 21 years old. I live in Zurich, but I feel at home almost all over the world, as long as there is good food there. My roots are in Switzerland, Italy and Indonesia. I speak German and Italian fluently, but I also speak English, French and Spanish.  You’re probably wondering why my blog is called Lee’s Travelblog and not “Leandros Travel Blog”. I chose “Lee” because Lee has been my nickname since kindergarten. My friends call me by my nickname and so can you too, so that we can build a better relationship.

Some more facts about me: I completed my Higher School Certificate in 2017 and then took a break for a year. In September I began my biology studies, but very quickly I realized it was nothing for me and stopped after a short time. Now I plan to study at the University of Economics and Technology of Chur in eastern Switzerland in September 2019 in the field of tourism management. Now I have time to realize my idea of ​​the blog and to travel around the world again – and to earn the necessary money.

I’m more of a quiet person who likes to be out in nature. You can see that in my photos. I like to travel to get to know new food cultures and to capture the flora and fauna with my camera. I am a funny person who likes to make funny faces when I’m being photographed and often and with great pleasure laughs. I’m a big animal lover and could study and photograph the wildlife for hours. When traveling, I prefer a bit of comfort and therefore I stay in hotels or AirBnB’s rather than camping. I always have  my camera with me so I can capture the beautiful moments of my travels. I like to travel with friends to not be always alone, because meeting new people is sometimes difficult for me.