Personal impressions of Hervey Bay

As you might have read in the previous article Journey to Down Under – 7. stage Hervey Bay, I didn’t like Hervey Bay that much. Hervey Bay and especially Scarness don’t offer anything for tourism.
It’s really hard for me to say anything positive about this place.
Nevertheless I tell you about my highlight and what wasn’t so great.

The beach of Hervey Bay is 14 kilometers long and offers nothing. Neither is it particularly beautiful, nor can you really swim because of the tides. Around noon the sea disappears and you can walk several hundred meters away from the shore. The botanical garden of Urangan was neither special and I didn’t really find any other attractions. Even if you google, what to do there, only the whale watching tours and Fraser Island are suggested. That’s why I recommend about the same as Google.

I really liked the whale watching tour we did. Not only did we have a marine biologist on board, but with this tour we also helped to protect the whales and educate other people. The marine biologist knew a lot about the whales but I was more interested in seeing them than listening to the biologist. We were really lucky that we saw so many whales, because normally you don’t see so many whales at this time of the year (August).
I just loved watching the whales jump up and observing the boat. Really a Must Do in Hervey Bay.

Jumping Humpbackwhale

Unfortunately, there is not much more to say. Therefore I recommend you not to stay long in Hervey Bay. You can also leave Hervey Bay out. You won’t miss anything!
But if you decide to stay there anyway, I can give you some tips:

Bundaberg, for example, is not very far from Hervey Bay. In Bundaberg you’ll find the Bundaberg Rum-factory, which should be really worth seeing. If we had a car, I would have liked to drive to the factory, because I am very interested in the different kinds of alcoholics.

Another recommendation is Fraser Island. We spent 2 days on Fraser Island the first time I went to Australia with my family and at time I think it was really exciting to explore.

Fraser Island is famous for its turquoise lake Lake Mckenzie with white sand, which is really very fine. Adventurous was also the highway on Fraser Island. It is located on the beach and is not tarred. You simply drive on the sand. But it is important that you respect the tides, otherwise you might be surprised by the sea and get stuck.

Lake Mckenzie (Source

On the island there is also the wreck S.S. Maheno that ran aground in 1935 due to a cyclone. I’ve never seen a wreck this close before and found it quite exciting.

Fraser Island is also great for hiking. For that I would recommend the path at Eli Creek. With a little luck you can also see baby turtles and other animals. And the trail is really nice because you can see the flora of the island and walk along the river.

But still a little warning! I was in 2007 which is a long time ago, so I don’t know how the island has changed in these 12 years. However, many people recommended us to go from Scarness to Fraser Island, so I think Fraser Island is still idyllic and definitely worth a detour.

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3 thoughts on “Personal impressions of Hervey Bay

    1. Hi, no unfortunately we didn’t. Do you recommend it? Because we hadn’t a car we only knew the Restaurants of Scarness. So next time I would definitely take a car for my next trip to Australia.

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      1. It’s my friend’s restaurant. He’s from Naples, imported the pizza oven from Italy, and is passionate about pizza making so his pizzas must be great! I haven’t been up there since he opened the pizza place. 🙂


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