Journey to Down Under – 6. Stage Noosa

I remember the beginning in Noosa was very stressful. Because we wanted to experience the sunset with a little alcohol on a pier at any price, but only had 30 minutes to find our apartment and then buy alcohol as fast as possible and run to the pier. All the stress was worth it, because we made it just in time and the view that was offered to us was simply indescribable. It was quite quiet and very romantic. But I want to point out to you again that you cannot consume alcohol in public. Unless you have the alcohol packed in such a way that you don’t recognize it.

The next day we decided first to explore Noosa. I have to mention that Noosa is divided into several parts. Noosaville, Noosa Heads and Noosa North Shore. Our apartment was in Noosaville and the center of Noosa was in Noosa Heads. Arrived at the center we first went to a tourist information center to find out more about Noosa. Afterwards we strolled along Hasting Street, the main street of Noosa Heads. Since there were mainly clothes shops, we decided to go to Main Beach. We put our feet in the water and after a while I got bored and asked Sureya if she wanted to go for a coffee. We drank our coffee at the beach promenade and planned our stay in Noosa with the new information of the tourist information center.

The main attractions in Noosa are river kayaking and fishing. We decided to spend the afternoon kayaking. Since I am rather a cautious person, I informed myself briefly about the dangers, since it is a river that flows into the sea and that mostly means that there could be saltwater crocodiles. But on the internet I read that it is very safe, unless it rained before, because then the ground gets cloudy and the bull sharks often swim into the river to hunt prey. Also the last crocodile sighting was several years ago.


Kayaking between the mangroves was a lot of fun for me, although I was against it at the beginning, because I preferred to rent a boat and drive around with it. Therefore I would like to thank Sureya again, who stayed stubborn and convinced me to go kayaking. The trip was very varied and we saw so many things. But the trip became more and more exhausting and in the end really hard, because we had to fight against the current. But we did very well as a team. In the evening we went to a Thai restaurant that looked very nice and inviting from the outside. I found the food rather bad, but what worried me was that neither the waitress nor the cook could tell me what kind of fish in the fish curry was. I prayed all night long that I wouldn’t die of the fish, but as you can see I survived and wrote this article 😉

On the second and therefore our last day in Noosa, I wanted to have breakfast at the beach promenade and laze on the beach. Sureya wanted to have breakfast at home and do the Coastal Walk of Noosa in the Noosa National Park. We agreed on the compromise that we had breakfast at the beach promenade and did the Coastal Walk afterwards. If I only think back to my breakfast, the water in my mouth is leaking again. I had a corn fritter with bacon, smashed avocado, a poached egg, a hash brown and a grilled tomato.

Our Brekkie

Eaten to our full satisfaction, we walked towards Noosa National Park to master the Coastal Walk. This Coastal Walk was even better than the Coastal Walk of Port Macquarie. One dream beach followed the other. Pure nature that makes every nature freak’s heart beat faster. First we passed the Boiling Pot, a special rock formation formed by the sea water.

Boiling Pot

Then we came to Dolphinpoint, from where you can take great pictures and finally to Hell’s Gate, a viewpoint. The Hell’s Gate must have been experienced. To describe it with one word: Indescribably beautiful! From Hell’s Gate we even saw a sea turtle that was diving up and down. On the way we saw a very rare animal called Echidna or as I like to call it Enchiladas. We spent the whole day walking from beach to beach and taking a refreshing dip in the sea. In the evening completely exhausted from all the walking, we went to the pier to watch the sunset over Noosa for one last time.

Calm sea in the sunset

I really can only advise you to look at the picture gallery of Noosa, because there you can see photos of Echidna, the sea turtle or the Coastal Walk. If you liked the article, you can show it to me with a Like. Even better would be to follow my blog if you don’t, so you can be the first one to know when a new article is published. In that sense stay tuned!


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