Weekendtrip to Carru

I was in the middle of February for three days in Piedmont, to be exact in Carru, a village near Cuneos, capital of the province of the same name. Carru is also called Porta delle Langhe, so it is the gateway to the famous hilly wine region, the Langhe, where such famous wines as Barolo, Barbaresco or Barbera are produced. In autumn and winter, the area is also known for the expensive white truffles of Alba, which is why whole armies of Germans and Swiss make pilgrimages to this area to get their money out of overpriced and overcrowded restaurants. Carru is my mother’s hometown and we went there to celebrate my grandmother’s 92nd birthday. I would be happy to share the experiences of my weekend trip with you. It started Friday morning. I was allowed to drive my father’s car until shortly after the Gotthard tunnel, even though I had only got my driving licence one day before. But first we had to pick up my sister in Thalwil, because she doesn’t live with us anymore. The trip was quite quiet. I enjoyed it to the full to have the confidence of my parents and finally to be able to drive a car. Unfortunately my mother replaced me at the service area in Airolo and I had to sit in the back again. I would have loved to drive to the Swiss border, but you can’t always have everything in life. The ride afterwards was still very quiet. I listened to music to kill time. After infinitely many hours (it was three, but felt eight) we finally arrived in Carru at my grandmother’s apartment. Since we were tired from the drive, we decided to rest for an hour.

Later we drove to Dogliani to the Azienda Agricola Marziano Abbona, a vineyard in the Langhe. You must know that we have known Marziano for ages and he really makes good wine because he knows something about his work. You can also buy his wines at the Globus if you want to taste them. But it’s quite expensive there, starting at 18 francs per bottle for the cheapest Dokcetto. Marziano greeted us personally and shortly afterwards we went to the wine cellar to taste some wines.

Weinkeller von Abbona

As soon as we were in the wine cellar, we saw hundreds of wine barrels in which the delicious wine was stored until it was bottled. The whole cellar smelled of fermenting grapes. This cellar makes every wine connoisseur’s heart beat faster. We tasted several wines. First a very special red wine, which had no sulphites. Tastewise it was simply top but naturally also expensive because of the special production. Then we tasted another red wine. Later 2 white wines and finally a rosé. I personally liked all the wines, but I liked it best without sulphites. My father bought several bottles and after that we said goodbye to drive on towards Cuneo, the closest town.

Arrived in Cuneo we separated. Me and my sister went to explore the city independently, while my mother with my father still had to settle some things. However, we agreed that we would meet in the Sillano bar in an hour to have an aperitif. So my sister and I strolled through Cuneo. Cuneo is indeed a small city, like St. Gallen, but it delights me every time with its charm. I love to walk through the narrow streets, only to reach an immensely wide street later. The main street is decorated with hundreds of archways, which in my eyes are typical for Cuneo. Under these archways there are countless shops, among them also an H&M, in which we still went very briefly because my sister needed something else. When the hour was over, we went to Sillano, a bar in the center of Cuneo. I love this bar because you can get an aperitif for five euros there and then you can jump on the buffet all-you-can-eat without paying any more. The only disadvantage: You over-eat yourself and after the aperitif we had to go for dinner in a restaurant in Carru, where we had reserved a table.

So completely eaten (at least I) we went afterwards to Carru to eat in the evening. The restaurant was called Pintun and was just great! Everyone in my family took a pizza, except me. I was so full that I thought I wouldn’t like a pizza anymore. So I took a Milanesina (schnitzel) with vegetables because I thought I’d get it down. But it was way too much. Fortunately my sister helped me eat the vegetables, because I hate to leave good food lying around. For drinking there was a special beer called AnimA from the area of Cuneo. I was completely satisfied with the food and the location and would highly recommend it to you if you are ever in Carru.

The next morning we drove to Venaria, a suburb of Turin, to visit a photo exhibition of the famous photographer Erwin Elliot. The exhibition was called Personae and is really worth seeing, although I prefer landscape photography to portrait photography. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun and thank my father for taking us with him. Something special about Venaria. Actually the place is called Venaria reale and was a big hunting lodge of the house Savoyen and is the second biggest castle of Italy.

Sehr kleiner Teil vom Schloss

After the exhibition we walked along the Via Andrea Mensa, the „main street“ of Venaria realale. In the afternoon we drove back to rest, because we went to a noble restaurant in the evening to celebrate the 92nd birthday of my grandmother. In the evening we went to the restaurant „I 5 sensi“ to celebrate the 92nd birthday of my grandmother. The food was indescribably good. Only when I think back, the water runs into my mouth. First there was an Amuse Bouche consisting of a soup with meat in it. For the starter there was a kind of roast beef with vegetables, salmon carpaccio with fennel salad and pears with leek in filo pastry with a gorgonzola sauce. The first main course was ravioli al plin stuffed with chicken in a broth and the second main course was caramelized tuna steak. As a dessert there was of course a cake and then another apple pie and two different kinds of pudding. As befits a noble restaurant, the portions were tiny. I was afraid I wouldn’t get enough, but all in all my hunger was satisfied.

The evening was really great, after a long time I saw most of my cousins again. Of course I told you about my blog. The only disadvantage is that they don’t speak German like you and me. That’s why I’m thinking about making my blog bilingual. But let’s see what the future holds. There’s not much more to tell about the last day. We drove back to Zurich and this time I was allowed to drive from the Swiss border to my home.

I would enjoy a little feedback and a Like very much

(Ps: You can find all photos of the weekend trip at the picture gallery)


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