Personal impressions of Byron Bay

In this article, I’ll tell you my opinion about Byron Bay. I can tell you in advance that I have nothing negative to report about this place. I fell in love with Byron Bay the first second I got out of the Greyhound. I did some research and found out that it wasn’t just me. Everyone who went to Byron loved this place. That’s why I say from the beginning that Byron Bay is a “must visit” in Australia. Now I tell you what I especially liked and what you have to do in Byron Bay.

First of all I advise you to walk to the Lighthouse at Cape Byron and not to drive up by car, because the way there is simply beautiful. First you walk along the Main Beach and you can watch the Sufers, which is sometimes really impressive. Watching it also gave me the desire to learn how to surf. Then you walk through the tropical faunas of Australia and you even pass the easternmost point of Australia on the mainland. But since there was a group of tourists there, I didn’t take a picture. In retrospect I regret it, because it is something special. At the end you get to the lighthouse, which is visible from far away. But only when you stand in front of it do you realize how big and beautiful it is.

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Next, I suggest you to spend a day at Main Beach. Just relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere on the beach. Where else in the world can you get a free concert on the beach?

While we’re on the subject of a unique atmosphere, I advise you to walk through Byron Bay and visit all the small specialty shops, even if you’re not planning on buying anything. For example, I found it extremely special that I saw a muffin in a bakery refined with Cordyceps. For the non-biologists among us: Cordyceps is a parasitic fungus, which belongs to the family of the tubular fungi. For example, it attacks ants and then takes control of the host. But apparently it has healing powers in humans. There were many more such wacky things. Byron Bay is also a food paradise in my eyes. You find so many different foods that you could spend weeks trying them. As you may have read on the About me page, food plays a very important role for me.

Isn’t the beach inviting?

Another “must do” is the nightlife of Byron. Eventhough Sureya and I never really went out, we enjoyed going to a bar in the evening and listening to live music and drinking an excellent cocktail. A very cool location is the Railway Friendly Bar in the center of Byron Bay. Which one of you has had a beer or a cocktail in an old train station? In the bar you feel like in a saloon in the time of the Wild West.

If we had had more time in Byron Bay, I would have loved to learn surfing and much more. What I haven’t mentioned yet is that Bayron Bay is the Mecca for the surfer scene. As a surfer you simply have to have surfed in Byron Bay. And where is the best place to learn to surf, if not the most popular surf spot in Australia and probably the whole world? Another item on my list would be diving at Julian Rock, one of Australia’s best shark spots. Another cool activity is kayaking in the sea and with a bit of luck meeting a dolphin school. And Nimbin would certainly have been worth a day trip. Nimbin is a small village known for having stopped in the 60’s and for its very special smelling cigarettes, if you know what I mean 😉

You see, there is so much to do in Byron Bay that you can easily fill a week. Someday I will return to this wonderful place and catch up on everything I couldn’t do on my first visit.  I hope I was able to convince you to make a detour to Byron Bay if you ever drive through there. If you liked the article, you can show it to me with a Like. It would be even better to follow my blog if you don’t, so you’ll be one of the first to know when a new article is published.

In that sense: Bayron Bay wait for me and you stay tuned!


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