Personal impressions of Port Macquarie

In this article I tell you about my experiences in Port Macquarie. If you haven’t read the article yet, I’ll link it here: Journey to Down Under – 3. stage Port Macquarie

I have only positive things to say about Port Macquarie. I liked Port Macquarie as a city very much. But there is not too much to visit. A “must” in Port Macquarie is surely the Koala Hospital! You don’t only see koalas, you also learn a lot about these unique creatures. Did you know, for example, that koalas sleep almost 20 hours a day? I especially liked the fact that each koala has its own story about how it got to the Koala Hospital. I especially liked the window through which you can look into the operating room. Fortunately, all koalas were well during our visit. It was also positive that the entrance is completely free but it is possible to give a small donation to the Koala Hospital.

Sweet dreams

Just next to the Koala Hospital is the Rotohaus. An old house built in 1890, it is one of the oldest wooden houses in Port Macquarie. I don’t think you need to have seen it, but if you’re already there, you can visit it for a while. What’s special about the house is that it’s still as furnished as it used to be and is teeming with old artifacts. A historian or history enthusiast will surely love the Rotohaus. But I am neither a historian nor a history enthusiast. Another highlight of Port Macquarie for me was the Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park. The different landscapes you see there are simply amazing. If you are lucky, you can see flying foxes, turtles and many colorful birds. Even if you don’t see any animals, the park is worth visiting for its flora.


Another “must” is the Coastal Walk from Tacking Point Lighthouse to Westport Park. The way is long, about 10 kilometres, but very pleasant. You walk from beach to beach and see so many different beautiful beaches. If the water had been warmer, we would have been able to swim on each beach. I imagine the Coastal Walk would have been even better. But the Coastal Walk also has another nice highlight: The Break Wall in the bay of Port Macquarie. The Break Wall is an artificial wall made of stones to protect the harbour / bay of Port Macquarie. Each stone is unique because there is something painted or written on it. Unfortunately I deleted the photos from the Break Wall. To give you an impression anyway, I searched for a link to another blog. Of course, the Tacking Point Lighthouse, thus the beginning of the Coastal Walk, is also a highlight of the Coastal Walk. From there you have a fabulous view and with a little luck you can see whales or just take great pictures from there.

Altogether I was more than satisfied with my stay in Port Macquarie.  Maybe I would have liked to do the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail, because I had read only positive things about it. A little tip: If you book via AirBnB, you really have to make sure that you are in the center of Port Macquarie. In our case we were about 10 kilometers away from the center. However, it still belongs to Port Macquarie. Fortunately there is a bus that took us to the center.

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