Top seven things to do in Singapore

After quite some time I have finally finished my Australia blog series und I’ll tell you know about my new adventure “Traveling through South East Asia. This time one thing will be different. I’ll only write about the “must sees and must do’s” of every stage to keep it short and interesting. But first some facts and figures:

I travelled for 8 weeks through 4 countries during which I visited 13 different places and flew 13 times. My travelcomrade was Fredi as you maybe have already read in the article: Trip to Asia 2019. I learned very much about asian life and culture and I would recommend you to travel through Asia if you ever have the opportunity.

In this article I’ll write about Singapore, maybe the cleanest city in the world. My top seven to-do’s in Singapore are as follows:

  • Eat at least once in a Hawker
  • Stroll along Gardens by the bay and walk on the Skywaytrees
  • Get out of the city-stress and relax in the Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Instead of clubbing go and visit the Nightsafari
  • After seeing so many people on the streets maybe you would prefer to go to the Zoo and see many tropical animals from so close that you almost can touch them
  • Go and spend your money – shop until you drop in Orchard Road
  • After a long day go to Marina bay sands and drink an iconic Singapore Sling on the top of the Skyscraper
Just dreaming!

Eat once in a Hawker

In the beginning I wasn’t really keen on eating in a Hawker, basically a food stall in the basement of a shopping mall. I would have preferred to eat in a real restaurant. Fredi really had to convince me, but in the end I was happy that I’ ve tried it. The food was so delicious and there were so many different good looking dishes and even the location wasn’t that bad. Would you ever have guessed that you can even find one- and two-Micheling-starred hawkers? So if you’re in Singapore and you want to eat cheap just go in a shopping mall and have some food at a Hawker.

Gardens by the Bay

Spanning a whopping 101 hectares, Gardens by the bay is Singapore’s most outstanding horticultural asset. It is home to almost 400 000 plants and in the middle of the park there are these artificial Supertrees. You can spend almost a whole day in this magnificent park. Another attraction of the park is the skyway on the top of these supertrees. From there you have a beautiful view over the whole park. Each night during the Garden Rhapsody sound-and-light show they are glowing and from far they look like Ufo’s.

On top of the world! – Almost

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore is a very stressing city, there is so much going on and after a while you just need to relax. The best place to do that, is sitting in the botanic gardens and listen to the nature or drinking a Singapore Sling right next to the National Orchid Garden Singapore which is right in the Botanic Gardens. The garden is a sprawling oasis  laced with elegant lakes anf themed gardens. Stroll through the orchid garden, looking out for Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s national flower or cool down in a rare slice of ancient rainforest. Trust me, after a few hours in this fabulous Garden you will feel much more relaxed.

City or jungle or jungle in the city?


Next to the zoo, Singapore’s acclaimed Nightsafari offers a very peculiar type of nightlife. Home to more than 130 species of animals, the nightsafari opens it doors in the night and gives you the impression of walking through a jungle filled with animals. I loved the Nightsafari because you can see and hear all the nocturnal animals that normaly are sleeping during the day when you see them in the zoo. Sometimes we were scared as were walking all alone in this jungle without seeing nothing and out of nowhere hearing lions roaring. I think this was my highlight number one in Singapore and I would strongly recommend it to you!

finally some light

Singapore Zoo 

Another must visit is the Singapore Zoo. It is a verdant, tropical wonderland of spacious, naturalistic enclosures. You can see so many different animals from so near that you could even touch them. As you maybe have seen in the previous articles I love animals. I could watch them for hours. I’m so fascinated by all the creatures, that it is self-explanatory why the Zoo is among my top seven in Singapore.

Orchard Road

If you’re in Singapore and you’re searching for a specific clothing brand go to Orchard Road. You will certanly find it. You’ll find everything from emerging local designers to global high-street heavyweights and coveted European couture. Here the saying ‘shop until you drop’ gets a completely different meaning. Trust me, if you like shopping you will spend there a few hours. If you spend more than 20 Dollars in the ION Shopping Mall  you can take the elevator to the top flor, from which you can see the whole city. I was really impressed by this huge shopping mall and its view from the top.

ION Orchard Mall
View from the top of ION Orchard Mall

Marina Bay Sands

Another highlight for me was having a Singapore Sling, the iconic drink, on our last evening in Singapore on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands and watch the sunset. We had such a good time. The drinks were fantastic, the service was very friendly, the music was excellent. There were such good vibes it was just undescribable. The only disadvantage was that we had to queue for a long time until we finally got up but it was worthwile. Even if you don’t drink alcohol just go there and watch the sunset because there you have an unique view of the sunset and the city of Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

This were my top seven in Singapore. I hope you liked the article and that I could help you with what do do in Singapore. If you liked the article, you can show it with a Like. Even better would be to follow my blog, so you can be the first one to know when a new article is published. So stay tuned! (P.S all the photos of Singapore are in the photogallery)


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