Personal Impressions of Airlie Beach & Whitsunday Islands

If you’re ever in Australia, you should visit Airlie Beach and book a sailing trip to the Whitsunday Islands! it is just fabulous and almost indescribable. Nevertheless I will write down my impressions as good as possible in this article.

First Airlie Beach: it doesn’t offer much. In the center there is an artificial lagoon in which you can swim but, personally, I didn’t like it that much and just strolled in the center enjoying the vibes of the place. If you like walking, I would recommend the beautiful Bicentennial Walk. You walk along the coast and see beautiful flowers, yachts  and the locals fishing or talking on the different footbridges. You feel the sea breeze in your nose, smell the sea and the flowers in the gardens. Even if the Bicentennial Walk is pretty much the only remarkable thing, you should still make a detour to Airlie Beach to start the sailing trip to the paradise, the Whitsunday Islands.

Bicentennial Walk

The sailing trip was certainly one of my highlights of our trip. A must! You should visit the Whitsunday Islands at least once in your life. White sandy beaches, turquoise water, peace, nature: an unforgettable journey. You escape the civilization, enjoy the nature and go snorkeling several times a day. In addition you can observe so many different animals and fishes, such as whales, dolphins, many colorful fish, corals or even sea turtles. Unforgottable are the beautiful and warm sunsets and the crystal clear nights with the  beautiful starry sky. In the night you realize how big our universe is and what a small role humanity plays. With a little luck you can even see shooting stars and have a wish.


When booking the sailing trip pay attention that the ship sails to Whitehaven Beach. Whitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, if not the most beautiful! The sand is so  white and the water is so clear that you can always see the bottom. No photo can capture the true beauty of this place and that’s why you should see it with your own eyes. When I waas there I was however disappointed with the snorkeling dives. Many corals were broken or dead, but I think I was the only one on the boat to notice it, because I had known the Great Barrier Reef from a prevoius trip a few years before and had high expectations.


I was very satisfied with the agency, through which I booked that sailing trip and I am glad to share the link with you (whitsundayssailingadventures).

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